Explore a new world. Fight for your beliefs! Trisaga Wars is an adventurous strategy card game for everyone.

  • Genre: Battle RPG Card Game
  • Platforms: iPhone/iPad/Android
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Price: Free (in-app purchases available)

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It is the year 3078 AD. The Gods and the Devils have been fighting each other for all of eternity.
But there is a new emergent power - Humans with the psychic ability to rival the Devils and the Gods.

An epic Universal war has broken out, and the Gods, Devils, and Humans are battling for sole control of the Universe.

You have been selected as one of the chosen few to travel to the future. Equipped with new powers, you must choose a side, and fight for the fate of the Universe!

  • Use Strategy to Build Your Formations
    Engage in a 3x3 formation battle system that's fun and fast-paced!
    Build unstoppable formations based on champion personalities and skill sets.
  • Go Adventuring
    Discover rare encounters, fight your way through dungeons, and recruit wandering champions!
  • Develop a Strong Income
    Conquer epic landmarks as your own!
    Improve and manage your landmarks to earn riches even when offline!
  • Collect and Enhance
    Meet 50+ unique champions!
    Upgrade armor and weapons to legendary status!

  • Pick a Faction
    If you could control the Universe, what would you choose to do with it?
    Fight for domination - the winning faction will have the power to change the game world forever!!!
  • 3 Different Faction World Maps
    Enter enemy faction territory to raid their dungeons and capture their champions!
  • Epic Loot for the Strongest Faction
    Fight with your faction members from all over the world to win access to a dungeon at the center of the universe!
  • Ultimate Glory
    Top ranked players represent their factions in public arenas for the Faction War every weekend!